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Dance 88/89 brings on acid house

Dance 88/89 takes you back to the iconic 80s dance floor.

Last Wednesday was an exciting night for Sankeys as Dance 88/89 held the fort to an evening of era-defining acid house. Bringing back original electronic sounds of the 80s and reviving the Second Summer of Love, the globally known club delivered an authentic evening.

Many travel across the globe for this original dance infused party. Sankeys welcomed a mature crowd, who seemed to show a lot of professionalism on the dance floor. They proved to know what they were talking and dancing about when it came to the electronic.

Well-known for his UK acid house explosion in the 80s, fans gathered to see the Spanish house master, Bushwacka! Playing favourites such as Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam and Kariya's Let Me Love You Tonight. It was hard to not get lost on the floor. The R&S Records Classic, Joey Baltram's Energy Flash was also a topper of the night. With its acid roaring bassline and orbital percussion, it transformed the dancefloor into some sort of space oddity.

The infamous Graeme Park was next to take a spin. With 30 years on the decks and 20 years on the radio, he was bound to deliver as he has done in the previous times I've seen him. Jeanette Thomas' 1987 original version of Shake Your Body was one of the sexiest tunes of the night. With its funky bassline and elusive female vocal, it got the crowd getting into one fluid groove. Graeme Park soon dropped the 1994-classic You Used to Hold Me by Ralph Rosario, which swarmed a sense of nostalgia through the room as the crowd sung along.

Not only sounds blew people's minds, but also décor and production also. Iconic yellow acid smiley faces hung from the ceiling, mirroring the projected numbers 88 and 89 which flashed in time with the beat and everybody's feet.

Dance 88/89 creates the perfect replica of what would seem like an 80s original fiesta. Fortunately, the party runs until 27 September. Coming up next the legendary Alfredo, Clara Da Costa and Judge Jules.

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