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Best boat party tunes by Ibiza resident DJ

Cirque De La Nuit resident DJ Ryan Platts shares his favourite tunes to party on a boat.

Nothing beats a boat party, easily the highlight of any seaside vacation. Something about dancing at sea soaking the sun rays ranks it among the most exhilarating activities of the summer. Throw in rocking tunes and an open bar that serves you directly on the dancefloor, and you have got yourself a super-treat.

Cirque De La Nuit boat party resident DJ Ryan Platts finds that playing on the boat is like playing in one of the great clubs on Ibiza. The only difference is that you get to do so cruising the Mediterranean and basking in the glorious sunshine. The Void sound system, the same they have in Sankeys and DC10, is "mega, absolute fire to play on!"

Every day, as he plays music for 320 people on board the boat, he feels that each track unifies everyone on board as they share the beautiful moment. To him, there is no better feeling.

Here he shares with us some of his favourite tunes to get the party started and going on a boat with his top 10 tracks for a boat party. Dive in!

Yvan Ghenkins - Slate (Original Mix)

"Great track to set the mood of the boat, always goes off, and the second build up is mega."

Vokker, Victor Oliver - That Bass (Original Mix)

"The third drop in this tune blows the boat up."

Moloko - Sing It Back (Mousse T's Rework)

"This track is for the ladies: mega 2017 rework with Donna Summer rolling in the background."

Siege - Fiery (Original Mix)

"Great tune, for the first half of the boat; it does the business."

Alexis Raphael - It's Kinda Jazzy (Original Mix)

"This works well beginning of the second half of the boat, a fat piece of funk. Nothing better than the sax loop in the sunshine."

Eskuche - Play The Record (Original Mix)

"Perfect mid-set tune; the vocals keep everyone's attention."

Enrico Sanguiliano - Blooming Era (Original Mix)

"Last half hour, just listen to it. Ohhhhh!!!!"

Pirupa - Check This Out (Original Mix)

"Mega sample from a tune from the late 80's never fails me."

Lex & Wood - Like This (Original Mix)

"Last half hour again, heavy but not to heavy."

Enrico Sanguiliano - GhettoBlaster (Original Mix)

"Aaaahaaaaaaa, one of my favourite tracks of the summer so far, Just listen to it!! Holy Jesus!! Destroys everything and everyone on board..."

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