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La Troya opening outstands at HEART

As fabulous as ever La Troya settle into their new home.

A mirage of sequins, leather and neon appeared wrapped up at the centre of HEART Ibiza. Ecstatic partygoers and an array of extraordinary dancers filled the dancefloor. La Troya was certainly the place to be on Wednesday night as its electric vibe flushed through clubbers following their hearts.

Muscular male dancers in nothing but latex hotpants, leather straps and thick braces - especially the one wearing a dystopian rubber pig mask - showed the unconventional concept of the party. The females wore beautiful embellished lingerie accompanied by feathered tribal crowns and arm cuffs. All looked aesthetically perfect.

Xicu Portas played one of the first tracks to cause a stir on the dance floor with Shibumi's I Like That, an ultimate house groover with its funky bassline and dominant male vocal. Soon after, the uplifting house track Son Of A Gun by Mansur played. From his selection, Portas faded each track in and out perfectly, emphasising basslines and drops to play to La Troya's natural fire.

Just when I thought the evening could not be more entertaining, an Aerial silk dancer caught me by surprise. Suspended from the ceiling, the acrobat demonstrated a breathtaking performance. Entwining himself around the red material, he showed extraordinary poise and control as the entire crowd circulated around him.

Mid-party, Camilo Franco chose a more interactive track selection with Byron Stingily's Get Up Everybody and tech house favourite, We Make The Music by Dennis Cruz. Oscar Colorado dropped the Detroit House track, Glory Of House by Joeski (Cozzy D Remix), as well as DJuma Soundsystem's Parga (Hanna & Lore Remix), just to further inject the crowd with party grooves.

With good vibes spreading like fashion, Baby Marcelo stepped up to the mic. The artist, known for his trash-baroque and female masquerades, executed quite a surreal performance. Dressed in a giant red gothic ruffle dress, accessorised with an eccentric red wig, the born entertainer screamed, “We are La Troya Ibiza, we are the party!”

Dropping one of the favourite tracks of the night, Larry Cadge's Vicious Circle as well as Eric Prydz trance remix of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall, the crowd moved closer together, harmonious in their au naturel dance moves.

The iconic, polysexual party proved to settle in to its new home astonishingly well. La Troya continues to hold a place in many people's hearts. A legendary party on the island, it should experienced at least once. You will want to go back.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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