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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike smash BlackOut opening at Amnesia

The Belgian brothers brought big room bass to Ibiza's legendary hot spot.

This year sees the iconic Amnesia launching BlackOut, the new series to take over the Sunday night slots. Boasting some of the biggest superstars in today's dance music scene, BlackOut is aiming to bring an entirely new experience to the club's famed terrace.

Kicking off the series last Sunday, the Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike brought along fellow Smash The House family members Ummet Ozcan, WolfPack and Angemi to overtake the Terrace with them.

When I arrived, WolfPack was already on the decks warming up the crowd with their mix of boisterous big room and electro house. The crowd instantly recognised tunes like Ocarina, which had everyone warbling along.

The stage itself was a magnificent production to be marveled at. A massive skeleton head menacingly overlooked the crowd while two giant fists each holding a piece of torn wire, protruded from the sides. The lights flashed hues of dark blue and purple, making it feel as though the club was really going through a blackout. The performers were the clubbers' only guide to the light.

When Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike finally took the stage, the people could not have been more ready. A sea of bright luminescent cell phone screens could be seen anxiously waiting to record the headliners take the floor, and take the floor they did. From the moment they went on the duo had the whole club erupting as clubbers jumped up and down in unison. While the set was composed of an array of different genres, all tunes all had one thing in common: they were all bangers.

Tracks like the brother's latest single Ready For Action, shook up Amnesia with their signature sound of thunderous big room. Fan favorite The Hum had everyone rhythmically pounding their chest and crooning to the tune made famous from The Wolf of Wall Street, before exploding into its rowdy drop as fireballs flashed into the air.

The winners of last year's DJ Mag Top 100 showed why they took the top spot. While they are great DJs, they are also outstanding performers who truly know how to work a crowd. At one point they had everyone in the club roaring to the melody of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, before turning the chants into Heys and Hos, as they guided the arms of the clubbers left and right.

The entirety of Amnesia was loving every minute of it, engulfing themselves into the experience. If high-energy sets are your thing, then BlackOut is certainly the party for you. And if a line-up that includes Hardwell, W&W, Nicky Romero, Yves V, Sander van Doorn and more suits your needs, then it is one you certainly cannot miss.

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