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Mojis Animal Sanctuary - Event open to all

Animal sanctuary hosts fundraising event this Sunday

This Sunday is the Winter Party of Mojis Animal Sanctuary, the shelter for abandoned and abused animals in Ibiza. The event, starting at midday is to raise money and awareness to support all the great work being done by Mojis to help animals in need.

The money raised from the event will help to feed and look after the animals during the cold winter months. There will be food and drinks available for all and there will be a shop with items for sale as well as a raffle that will help in raising money to care for the animals.

There will also be entertainment for children with things like face painting and games amongst the animals so kids understand a more natural way of co-existing with them. This is one of the founding principles of Mojis: to get people to understand how to live with, love and respect all the animals that live amongst us.

Mojis cares for and rescues lots of different animals and on Sunday everyone will get to meet a big variety, including pigs, rabbits, horses and goats as well as the dogs that founder Abraham Barroso Sabino rescues.

The day before the Winter Party, there is a four-hour energy healing animal workshop that starts at 10.30am. The workshop, facilitated by Emma Louise Nathan founder of Prana Sol will introduce attendees to healing animals using energy work. The event is for all those with pets, those who spend time with animals, and those that work with them in a voluntary capacity.

The idea of the event is to learn how to use targeted pain and stress techniques via light touch to improve the physical, emotional and mental needs of animals. It allows people to take a more active role in animal health and wellbeing as well as understand how to work energetically with pets and create a deep connection with them.

50% of all proceeds go directly to Mojis to support the work being done there to look after the many abandoned pets on the island. The price is €60 per attendee and as well as helping the animals, you'll receive a mini manual on animal healing and a certificate of attendance.

To register for the Sunday fund raising event, go to the event's Facebook page.

For the full programme of contents for animal-healing event and to register, check out the Facebook event page here.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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