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Zombies Invade San Antonio TONIGHT!

Watch out for the night of the living dead…

If you head into San Antonio tonight it's not just the usual party goers you'll spot. The town plays host to the first edition of the Survival Zombie experience. Ibiza is the first destination on the Zombie Survival Cruise, arriving tonight (Sat 26th September) from Valencia, where 300 people including zombies, survivors, soldiers and staff of the organisation will participate in a contest on the streets of San Antonio. The game will see a live role play of a zombie apocalypse that seems real. Organised by World Real Games, you can expect to see zombies roaming the streets to try and intercept contestants and turn them into zombies (with a little help from some talented make-up artists and few litres of fake blood).

The contest will run throughout this evening and if you fancy joining in the night of the walking dead residents are said to be able to join for a reduced price of €25.

For more information, please click here.

WORDS | Lucy Moon

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