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Vibration party at Elements, Benirras

An iconic beach, sunset drumming and a new party at one of our fav Ibiza beach bars. But what's all this about music in 432hz? Read on...

Word reached us that a very cool new Ibiza party has kicked off down at Elements in Benirras each Sunday, from 3pm until midnight. Featuring the ‘chic-tech' DJ skills of Filipa Lazary, Tom Montess, Simone Fougére and one guest DJ - this week DJ Skweeze, all the music is transmitted in 432hz, as opposed to the usual frequency of electronic music - 440hz.

And what on earth is all that about, I hear you cry?

The good guy

Well, in a nutshell, the theory goes that 432hz is the vibratory frequency of nature, including the core of the planet itself. It's known as ‘the Schumman resonance' and up until about 80 years ago, most instruments were tuned to this frequency with most of the works of the great composers pitched at 432hz. The end result on our bodies and brains it is theorised, is soothing, pleasing and positive.

However, in 1917, The American Federation of Musicians accepted 440hz as the standard pitch, then in 1940, the USA introduced 440 Hz worldwide, becoming the ISO 16-standard in 1953. Today, as a result, most electronic music is composed and transmitted in 440hz.

The bad guy

The bad boy of this admittedly rather technical musical story, 440hz, is said to have the opposite effect on our brains and bodies, increasing stress levels and making us, well, more irritable and possibly, even a bit more aggressive. Interesting stuff.

Consequently, in recent times, there has been a worldwide movement amongst some musicians and DJs to move back to pitching music in 432hz, and, you guessed it, the three resident Ibiza DJs at this new Sunday party at Benirras are determined to do just that.

The party

You can expect a delicious day of 432hz electronic dance music from the DJs, plus facepainting, live art, fire dancing at sunset and, as one of the organisers commented “goodness knows what else!” Elements are also offering a €20 special winter menu, rumoured to be easily enough for two - with a yoga session included from 3-4pm free if you fancy it. Ommm.

As many will be aware, Benirras is the legendary northern Ibiza beach, close to the village of San Miguel, which hosts the island's weekly sunset drumming ritual and is a magnet for people seeking that iconic Ibiza vibe. The crowd who go down there each Sunday to enjoy the sunset, tribal rhythms and laid back vibe are a gloriously mixed bunch. It's fair to say though, that this particular Ibiza beach attracts more than it's fair share of Bohemian, creative, hippy and eco-conscious visitors, all of whom will be out in force this Sunday, for sure. The combination of the drumming, the beach itself and this cool new event sounds like it's gonna get very busy...

Elements itself is perhaps the most hippy-chic of all Ibiza beach restaurants, and one of the few that keeps its doors open all the way through to December. This family friendly, Sunday event looks set to be fun, colourful, energetic and fancy dress of any description is positively encouraged. Well behaved dogs are welcome too. See you there!

Editor's note: Sunday 30th November is Openlab, Element's last party of the season, featuring top Djs including Andy Baxter. Guest-list essential

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