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Surf House Ibiza arrives in San Antonio!

Surfing in San Antonio Bay? Oh yes. Allow us to introduce the Ibiza’s very first artificial wave machine. Radical!

Ibiza has a brand new beach club! Spotlight are delighted to welcome Surf House Ibiza to San Antonio Bay. With their fabulous Flowrider, the first artificial wave machine on the island, we are absolutely certain it's going to make a splash this year!

Surf House Ibiza opens everyday at 10am. Comprising a cool beach club, fab restaurant, sports shop and volleyball courts, we can see it's going to very popular with the sporty types. Just check out this video of the surfing action possible on the flowrider:

The flowrider is a unique to Ibiza. A mere €30 gets you an introduction to this exhilarating sport plus a full hour of surfing the waves. Also included in the surfing pack is assistance from an experienced instructor and of course the necessary gear: a surfboard and lycra surfing top. Yes dear reader, you'll even look the part on the photos.

The Ibiza Spotlight team are fighting over who goes first! You see, it's not just brilliant for already-skillful surfing aficionados who want to ride a board whatever the sea conditions dictate.

Surf House Ibiza by Surf House Ibiza

We also think this is a great opportunity for those of you (like me) who've always fancied a go at surfing but are a bit too nervous to do it in the actual sea!

Ibiza Surf House is proving popular with younger kids in the morning, whilst later on, expect to see some pretty impressive showing off from the bigger kids (yep, you) and some epic failing from the new kids (yep, me).

If you're with a group and not everyone wants to fling themselves merrily upon the cascading waters of the flowrider, there are plenty of options.

Fancy a game of volleyball? Take advantage of their cool, onsite volleyball courts.

Want to relax? You can chill-out to your hearts content on their lush, Balinese beds, sip a cool drink, enjoy a snack or simply relax to some classic electro-chill tunes.

It's free entry from 10am-2pm and the flowrider opens at 10.30am. After 2pm, there is a €10 charge on the door. Under 14's are free at all times. This means that all day entry and an hour on the flowrider costs €30 before 2pm, whilst from 2pm onwards, it's €40 in total with the entry fee.

To book either a one hour surfing session and/or entry after 2pm just click here.

To find the exact location of Ibiza Surf House, check out this map.

We're happy to welcome Surf House Ibiza into the Balearic fold. Graced with beautiful beach venues like this and Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio Bay is looking more stylish every year.

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Surf House Ibiza by Surf House Ibiza

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