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Snorkelling in Ibiza

Snorkelling in Ibiza is a paradise of beauty and experiences for those keen on this sport

One of the things that draws holidaymakers back to Ibiza year after year is the island's famed crystalline, turquoise sea. With average water temperatures ranging from 14 to 28 degrees during the summer months, and a wealth of fish and marine life, it is unsurprising that many people want to explore beneath the surface of the warm, sparkling Mediterranean.

If you are not yet ready to take the plunge and dive too deep, then snorkelling offers you a more relaxed and inexpensive way to enjoy the fascinating and colourful underwater scenery of Ibiza. Various companies on the island offer a one to two hour excursion, supplying snorkels, masks, fins and flotation jackets for just €20 to €25. You will receive safety instructions and often some information on the local marine life, too.

If you already have experience and are bringing your own gear, you will find that most of Ibiza's beaches are ideal for snorkelling, but we would like to recommend three key locations.

Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas is located in the north of Ibiza, has several rocky outcrops close to the shore which provide excellent environments for snorkelling. The water here is incredibly clear, especially on days with little wind, and there is an abundance of marine life...just be careful with the rocky seabed.

Cala Conta

At Cala Conta, just south of San Antonio, you will find four small coves. The last cove to the right is surrounded by rocks and is, therefore, a perfect spot for snorkelling. With crystal clear waters, this is often likened to a big, natural swimming pool, but do be mindful that there can sometimes be strong currents between the islands.

Cala Salada

A small paradise beach, Cala Salada is situated to the north of San Antonio has a gentle slope down into its pristine water which is brimming with marine eye-candy to make your snorkelling experience an unforgettable one.

So, get snorkelling to discover an underwater paradise and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures you can experience during your holiday in Ibiza!

Lead Photo: Courtesy Scuba Ibiza

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