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Young Adult in Ibiza: AquaBus Ferry to San Miguel Caves

'Best fun I've had' was one persons comment about this extremely good value trip. Highly recommended.

Founded in 1985 and perhaps best known for their Ibiza-Playa Den Bossa route, Aquabus Ibiza offers several different cruises from the San Antonio Bay, the author traveled on their Caves cruise which visits the Marca caves in the resort of Port De San Miguel.

Getting there

Getting to the Aquabus departure point is very easy with the departure point being a mere 10 minute walk from the main bus station. Ample and free parking is available near the main bus station.

Cruise to Port De San Miguel

Leaving our dock in Sant Antoni De Portmany we began gliding gracefully across the waters of the San Antonio Bay towards our first stop of Mar Amantes where we stopped briefly to pick up more passengers, 2 other stops would follow. During our short tour over the waters of the San Antonio Bay we could spot all kinds of different vessels big and small, from jet-ski to military! Passing us were enthusiastic sailors waving back at our little boat!

After our final stop at Cala Bassa we began heading out across the water towards Port De San Miguel, it is then that we were offered a fantastic view of the San Antonio bay skyline. As the Aquabus cruise was sailing away from the San Antonio bay the scenery changed from busy sea-side resort to rough coastline filled with little houses dotted around. As we passed the mighty Punta Galera I began to truly appreciate the relaxing pace of the cruise which unlike the fast ferries allows you to truly experience the scenery around you.

Visit to the Can Marca Caves

Stepping off the Aquabus cruise at Port De San Miguel ,an Aquabus representative was already waiting for us and he guided us towards us towards a bus which would take us up towards the Can Marca caves, how well organized! Arriving at the Can Marca caves we were greeted by a nice cafe with scenic views over the bay of Port De San Miguel below. A short wait later and we were descending down a scenic walkway towards the entrance of the Can Marca caves.

Inside the Can Marca caves we could see a variety of different sights including the original 40 centimeter ( no that`s not a joke) hole which was used to enter the cave as well as a spectacular light show which showed the way the water used to run several thousand years ago! Our guide explained clearly all the facts about cave including how the smugglers were able to evade police by hiding their goods in the Can Marca Caves and how the smugglers had to climb 9 meters over the sea to enter the cave.

Leaving the Can Marca caves we were whisked off back to Port De San Miquel where our boat was already waiting.

Sailing back to Sant Antoni De Portmany

As we left the resort of Port De San Miguel for Sant Antoni De Portmany a beautiful warm sunlight began covering the sea as we sailed away over the calm water. As the sun started setting we were offered complimentary Sangria and many of the couples on board began sitting closer together, this was truly romantic! After a calm ride with the sunset accompanying us we arrived at the bay of San Antonio.


The Aquabus cave cruise is truly a magical experience, not the least for the sunset with Sangria at the end of the cruise.

This cruise is very romantic and I highly recommend it to anybody that is looking to do something romantic with their partner and if you have children: Take them along as well!

Quick Facts

What? Aquabus Cave Cruise, starts and ends in Sant Antoni De Portmany

Why? Fun and very romantic if you are travelling with your partner!

With who? With your partner/family or friends. This cave cruise has something for everybody!

When? The cruise is available all summer and is done in the afternoon which avoids most of the heat, however it is recommended to do this tour before or after August.

How much is this going to cost me? Very reasonable priced at 15 Euro per adult and 10 Euro per child.

Rupert T is our youngest reporter on the Ibiza Spotlight team and spending his summer exploring the island, checking out the best entertainment for young adults

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