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Patron Saint's Day of San Lorenzo, Ibiza

This second weekend in August the small village San Lorenzo celebrates its Patron Saints Day, with activities for all ages, take a look!

For a comprehensive list of Fiestas on Ibiza during the year, please see Calendar of Fiesta Days

San Lorenzo, or Sant Llornec de Balafia, is one of the tiniest villages on Ibiza.

Located in the north of the island, San Lorenzo consists of an eighteenth century church, a handful of casas payesas (traditional houses), a school, a bar, two refuge towers and two trulls (oil presses)...and not much else! However, this tiny, rustic village holds some great examples of traditional Ibiza architecture, with some of the buildings having white crosses on their facades…an ancient ritual to protect them from assaults.

The name Balafia dates back to the days when the island was under Moorish influence. Even though, due to its location, San Lorenzo had a very limited capacity for maritime trade, the Arabs recognised the potential of the land for agriculture and to this day, the village retains the air of being untouched by the hand of time.

In spite of this, this charming, sleepy little village pulls out all the stops to celebrate its Patron Saints Day of San Lorenzo on 10th August, with the festivities actually starting last weekend.

The day itself begins at 9.00 a.m. with the peal of church bells, followed by solemn mass. At 1.00 p.m. there is a procession and folk dancing performed by local dance group, la Colla de Labritja, all dressed in traditional Ibiza costumes.

There are free orelletas and buñuelos (local sweet treats) for all, and in the evening there will be a children's foam party, music, dancing and a big firework display.

Sunday afternoon sees feasting followed by solemn mass at 6.30 p.m and more dancing. The celebrations conclude with a play performed by Grup Es Cubells.

A very traditional fiesta, but holidaymakers will find themselves receiving a truly warm Ibiza welcome should they want to join in the festivities!

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