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Traditional dances in Santa Eulalia

Be amazed by the amazing folk dances from Ibiza.

Every 2 weeks on Sat from 9 July 2022 until 3 September 2022
From: 21:30


The ball pagés (literally country dance) is the traditional dance from Ibiza.

It is a dance based on the ancient courtship traditions and rituals, in which the woman dances softly and delicate around the man, while he dances vigorously leaping around her to demonstrate his strenght and masculinity.

She wears more than twelve slips (or underskirts) and an amazing golden or silver and coral jewelry, while he plays the biggest castanets in the world made of juniper roots. 

Every two weeks, starting on Saturday 9 July at 21:30 h you will be able to enjoy these beautiful and peculiar dances at the Plaza España, the main square of Santa Eulalia, in front of the City Hall.



Santa Eulalia, Ibiza