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Short Film Competition in Santa Eulalia

Horror short film festival for young people aged 14-18 in Santa Eulalia.

Every Friday from 13 Mar 2020 until 25 Apr 2020
From: 16:00

Where: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19, the coronavirus, this event has been postponed. We will update you as things change.
Stay safe and hope to see you around soon!

The beautiful village of Santa Eulalia organises its first Short Film Festival, the Curt Fest, focusing on horror short films. Aimed at young people aged 14-18 years old, the goals are to promote audiovisual creation and to deal with fears among adolescents.

Only a few requisites: each movie short has to be recorded with a mobile phone, include elements or scenes from Ibiza and/or its culture, have a duration between 1 - 10 minutes and, of course, be terrifically terrifying.

The Curt Fest is divided in two stages: during March, a series of workshops take place to teach all the necessary skills and basic knowledge on how to produce a short film (not compulsory); the second stage, is the competition itself, open to all contestants.

Enrolment for the workshops is available until 12 March, and costs €20.
Entry date to register short films for the competition, 20 April.

For more information, head here.

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