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Retratos, an art exhibition by Jesús de Miguel

An exhibition that vindicates the inherent values of painting.


Every Thu from 28 July 2022 until 22 September 2022
From: 17:30


The artist Jesús de Miguel (Palencia, 1975) presents this summer Retratos ('Portraits') at the Espai Tur Costa, in Jesús. It is a painting exhibition of hi actual work, created between 2019 and 2022, which vindicates the autonomy of painting based on its intrinsic values: the gesture, the color, the medium, the abstraction, a deliberate absence of technical virtuosity and a subtle balance.

His works call upon painting for painting's sake and art for art's sake, in that very particular style he has towards the basics, but without giving up expression. The exhibition is presented as a collection of portraits of his beings, which is arranged in the Gallery. In the adjoining room, the Tur Costa Workshop, the artist will create his own fascinating universe live.

Retratos opens on Saturday 23 July at 20:00 h and can be visited until 23 September. The exhibition visiting hours are Thursdays from 17:30 h to 20:30 h.


Jesús, Ibiza

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