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Fiestas San Antonio - "Arròs de matances" Championship

X world pork and rice championship with music, wine and a lot of fun!

Sat 4 Feb, 2023
From: 11:00


World Championship of Arroz de Matanzas, a traditional Ibizan rice dish with meat, prepared in a paella pan.

The contest to produce the finest version of this favourite dish will take place in the Street Calle Rosell on Saturday 4 February. At 11:00 the cooking begins!

The event is in aid of the association for persons affected by breast cancer (Asociación de Cancer de Mama Metastásico CMM). and there will be live music, DJs and a lot of fun and the best "arròs de matances" on the island! 

If you want to take part in the contest registrations are at the bar Can Tina Grilo (before Kantaun). If you are not up for participating, but still want to taste a delicious "arròs de matances", you'll be able to buy a dish and delight yourself!


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