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Carnival parade in Ibiza town

Take part in the colourful celebrations of carnival in Ibiza town!

Sat 10 Feb, 2024
From: 17:00


Ibiza town gets ready once again for the craziest and most colorful party of the year: Carnival. This year, Ibiza celebrates its spectacular parade on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday, that is, on Saturday 10th of February, starting in the afternoon at 17:00 h.

The parade will take the streets of Avenida Santa Eulalia, Bartomeu Rosselló, Avenida Isidor Macabich, Calle País Valencia, Avenida España, ending in the centre at the pedestrian area of Vara de Rey. 

Don't hesitate to put on your best costume and go and enjoy Ibiza's fun Carnival parade

Carnival is also celebrated in the towns of Cala de Bou, San Juan, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia and in Formentera. Exact dates still to be confirmed.

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