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Awakening your soul @Mikasa

Learn how food awakes our soul with the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.

Every Sat from 27 August 2022 until 10 September 2022
From: 10:00

Where: Mikasa plant-based kitchen, Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word composed of two terms: yuh "duration of life"; and vedá "truth, knowledge". Thus, its meaning comes to be "the science or wisdom of life". According to its definition, Ayurvedic medicine sees health as something more than the absence of disease. 

Next Saturday 10 September, you will be able to participate in the talk given by the therapist and yoga teacher Francesca Marchioro, where you will learn how food awakens your soul following the ancient precepts of Ayurveda. You will also discover your Koshas (body layers) and your Doshas (body energies), and how keeping them in order and being well nourished prevents sickness and/or disease. 

Registration is required, costs 25 € per person and includes participation in the talk and some breakfast bites. Reserve your place here

Find your body's balance during the summer! 

For more information about Mikasa follow the link below.

Mikasa plant-based kitchen

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