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3 días Trail Ibiza! More than a Marathon

It is an event made for running and nature lovers alike.


Friday 30 Nov 2018, Saturday 1 Dec 2018, Sunday 2 Dec 2018
From: 06:00

This year arrives the 5th edition of 3 Días Trail Ibiza – Ultra Ibiza!!! Trail running on the inland of the amazing island of Ibiza and its fascinating coast makes the 3 días Trail Ibiza a fantastic test in all respects.

. Friday 30 November (20:00) – 10-KM NIGHT TRAIL RUN.

. Saturday 1 December (06:00) – THREE OPTIONS 24-/46-/85-KM RUN.

. Sunday 2 December (11:00) – 10-KM RUN.

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More info on Trail Ibiza website.

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