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SPTLMIX003: Andy Livesey

Andy Livesey, or Big L (he's massive) to those in the know, is a firm player in the We Love and Lo Cura teams. Check this live mix from the very last Lo Cura Saturday Session.

"Saturday Sessions started out as a way for me and my brother in arms RooDog Billionaire to get free drinks at our favourite bar, Lo Cura. We'd swap countless cañas, rums and chuppitos for around 5 hours of the finest Rap, P-Funk and Future Bass Ibiza has ever heard. This was back in 2009 and since then Lo Cura proprietor David Phillips' confidence in my musical taste has grown and he's allowed me to stray away from the straight up Gangster Rap. Taking influence from Ian Blevins who holds the Saturday residency during the summer months and William Worrell who brought a decidedly more housier sound to Saturday Sessions in winter 2011 and countless other DJs and contributors the sound of Saturday Sessions is very much a melting pot and also allows me to indulge my penchant for West-Coast Rock and other oddities."

"This mix is a live recording from the last ever Saturday Sessions. It contains tracks that have resonated within my 5 year stint there and is an homage to the best bar I've ever set foot in. One take with plenty of mistakes. A true representation of a night in Lo Cura." - Andy Livesey

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