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Ibiza Virgins: Dress Code and Age Requirements

Easily amongst the most asked question for Ibiza Virgins, the simple issues of what you can wear and how old you have to be to enter Ibiza's clubs.

By Spotlight

This definitely speaks volumes about people's headspace when planning a trip to the white island for the first time, and - I suppose - is representative that the majority of Ibiza Virgins are young clubbers eager to make sure their stay is as smooth as possible.


The official and legal age to gain entry into Ibiza's clubs is 18. However, ID checking (for age) is a rare practice and you're only likely to be asked if you look really young.

Dress Code

Anything goes in Ibiza, but there are some limits. Firstly, let's be clear, there is no really strict dress code at any of the main clubs on the island and you're unlikely to be refused entry because you don't look the part. Part of Ibiza's magic is tolerance and places like Pacha are legendary for bringing together a mix of people from all walks of life, so you don't have to be wearing a fancy dress or shirt or polished shoes to get in.

So from flip-flops to sneakers, from t-shirts to jeans, there are very few fashion mistakes that will hamper your chances of getting into the disco. The first is the wearing of football shirts as that nearly always results in being turned away. Shorts and three-quarter length trousers are acceptable everywhere, although don't take the risk at Pacha, as they have a track record of sometimes saying no to shorts there. What else, well I know of a bachelor/stag party that were refused entry to Space last year, although it has to be said they were all wearing 'mankinis' a la Borat and there wasn't much left to the imagination. Usually, whacky fancy dress is fine and at some parties it's commonplace, obviously The Zoo Project but also at Cream, people love to dress up.

In summary, as you'd expect, it's fairly relaxed in Ibiza and you can be as glam, trash, casual or over-the-top as you like and you're more than likely to find someone to out-do you.

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