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SPTL087: Argenis Brito

Perfect underground vibes from the multitalented Venezuelan artist.

By Spotlight


Born in Venezuela, Argenis Brito is one of South America’s most diverse and experienced musicians and anything but your average live set. His long history in the music business has culminated in him becoming an international touring artist of solid underground repute in the last 10 years, taking him to every major clubbing destination across the globe, as well as cementing his position as an in-demand producer, proven by a multitude of releases on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Cadenza, Dame Music, Mobilee, Tuning Spork and Contexterrior amongst many others. A true musician, setting him aside from the crowd, Argenis continues to flourish as a curator and entertainer of boundary pushing electronic sounds.

A resident in Berlin since 2002, after stints in New York and Santiago de Chile during the 90s, he has proven to be a core part of the ever growing scene there, finding time to play at all the major clubs in between his international tours to South America, the United States, Japan or closer to home across Europe. Thanks to the development of his live act, with performance typified by often unreleased music unique to each gig, and crossing a spectrum of influence from latin music to dub, house and techno, he has been able to ensure that his performance avoids the traps of a monotonous or repetitive sound.

The breakthrough moment in Argenis’ transition from past musical experiences into his current love with electronic experimentalism came in 2006 with his double EP ‘Micro Mundo’ on Cadenza; elevating him to many high profile
gigs across the world, including several Circoloco events. Since then, following extensive studio work as producer, vocalist, collaborator, remixer or a combination of everything on the most highly sought imprints around, including most recently in 2011, Crosstown Rebels and Dame Music.

2012 sees him on the cusp of the most productive period of his career, with a new Mambotur album set for release together with Pier Bucci in spring, a new Los Refrescos album scheduled with Dandy Jack, a further solo album and countless collaborations, such as with Dinky, Mike Shannon, David Delgado and also Ricardo Villalobos with whom he has been making some really interesting sounds such as the Peculiar track released earlier in 2011 on Sei Es Drum. This is all preceded with a fresh South American tour at the start of 2012, taking Argenis back to his homeland and the source of his inspiration for his particular sound.

Argenis was instrumental in his work with Señor Coconut, Tobias Freund and Jorge Gonzalez, where he pioneered the use of Latin American sounds and rhythms in the context of contemporary dance music. The significance of this came from the early 2000s when eventually Argenis, Pier Bucci, and also Luciano, perfected this style before making it the defining sound of underground by the end of the decade.


1. Argenis Brito - Morning Noise (P.Bucci - Rey del Orinoco Mix)
2. Namito & Argenis Brito - The Bird
3. Argenis Brito - Non Believer (D.Herman & A.Müller Funky Mix)
4. Argenis Brito - Trapped
5. WTM - Hello
6. Israel Salazar - El Mio
7. Argenis Brito - White House


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