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Review: Full Moon Celebrations at Atzaro Beach Bar

A night of beauty, fun and potential - gathering to celebrate the Full Moon at the striking Atzaro Beach Bar, overlooking Cala Nova

By Spotlight

The inaugural Full Moon Celebrations at Atzaro Beach Bar (also new for 2012) caught the imagination of many, myself included. With a quality line-up of performers (Shovell on drums - as charming and as talented as ever, Jon Sa Trinxa on the decks, and Natalie Matos singing live) combined with a venue that has received much positive publicity since its opening just weeks ago, it looked like a 'not to miss' spectacular.

The team behind the event is the new To Be Events, more widely known as Belinda and Toby Clarke, the couple behind Ibiza Reiki, Walking Ibiza, and co-founders, along with others of Healing Ibiza to mention just three of their many contributions to the island and its people.

Full Moon Celebrations Atzaro Beach Club

With a relaxed, low key start, you were invited to arrive at 7pm, before the main events of the night due to commence at 8.30. This time could be used to indulge in a massage, perhaps a reading whilst you breathed in the sea air, sighed contentedly at the gorgeous views across Cala Nova and checked out the new Atzaro venture. The beach bar itself is quite beautiful. Following the successful white and glass decor of some of the already well-established beach bars elsewhere on the island, there's a sense of luxury to the establishment, as one would expect from the Atzaro name.

The horizon was regrettably a little hazy, obscuring the moon for quite a length of time and the now familiar 'Spanish time' jokes kicked in as people sat at their tables chatting, waiting for the moons appearance and the festivities to start.

Full Moon Celebrations Atzaro Beach Club

Eventually the celebrations commenced. Guests were invited to rise and making their way to the front of the beach bar, join in the chanting and offered a glass of water, encouraged to raise it to the now visible moon in a symbolic exchanging of energies and finally to make a wish. Drums beat, incence burned and good humour abounded.

Dinner followed and was a unique concept. No menu was offered - dishes, in tapas style and certainly of undeniable quality (if a foodie, read "delicious!") - simply started to arrive at the table. Five courses in all - interestingly three of fish, one of meat and then dessert. Story-telling accompanied us throughout the opening course. Note - dinner at the event is served by traditional Spanish timing ie. 10pm, which I think caught a few people out who had assumed it would be earlier, myself included. The standard of the food however (yes, I'm back to that) certainly warranted the wait, nonetheless.

Full Moon Celebrations Atzaro Beach Club

To Be Events had promised the 'best fire show on the island' and as an end to the evening, it was captivating. On an island where fire shows are ten a penny, this performer stood out from the crowd and brought the evening to an impressive close.

The next event is 01st September, again at Atzaro Beach Club. However, don't forget this one sold out in advance!

Full Moon Celebrations Atzaro Beach Club

Likes: attractive venue in a great setting, fabulous food, great fire show - with the excepton of the 'Don't Likes' below, an evening of value and entertainment.

Didn't Like: The lack of any friendly service at the beginning of the evening, possibly due to obvious under-staffing for the size of the event.
The lack of any assistance as to where guests should be seated for the meal.
The unexpected tardiness of the meal.
The surprise secret menu concept - backfired at our table as vegetarians were served unsuitable dishes, resulting in embarrassment as dishes were returned and an even greater delay.
(NB. I must extend compliments to the two waiters that served the 12+ tables in our area of the bar because despite the workload they were an absolute credit to themselves and the bar.).


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