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Review: DECO Restaurant, Es Vive Hotel

In Figueretas, the Adult Only hotel Es Vive opens a new restaurant for both guests and the discerning public

By Spotlight

Es Vive, the adult only hotel in Figueretas has been holding out on us. Whilst we've all been wondering where to go for an evening, a little jaded by our regular haunts, they've opened a new restaurant - not just for their guests but the discerning public at large.

Visually, it's quite arresting - 1940's decor throughout, quite contrary to the exterior of the restaurant. It reminded me warmly of a discreet, top quality London hide-away.

DECO Restaurant Es Vive Figueretas

Boasting a range of Bloody Mary's it seemed rude not to try one on arrival. I elected for DECOs classic - a hint of horse radish? I don't know but if ever I'm passing in the evening with a heavy head, I shall pop in for another. Their wine list, predominantly Spanish but not without complimenting international options tickled me - these guys have a sense of humour! Descriptions such as 'young & daring', 'sexy and chic' through to 'extravagant & lavish' (which had my eyes skewing off to the price & then relaxing - not bad prices!) made for a few moments entertaining reading. A refreshing guide for choosing your wine for the evening.

DECO Restaurant Es Vive Figueretas

A starter of foie gras creme brûlée - naturally sourced foie gras! - was superb. My guest, having experienced foie gras at another (far more expensive) restaurant a couple of months ago, tried mine and ruefully conceded DECO's was far superior. Don't be fooled by the courgette and lentil ravioli on the starter menu - it's nothing like expected and both exquisitely presented and flavoursome. Thank goodness for Alex, our waiter of the night, for we would have dismissed this dish out of hand without his gentle direction.

The menu, from starters to mains, had struck us -my guest and I - as a little quirky. The restaurant flaunted no one specific strength and we had looked long and hard at the dishes on offer, not overly inspired - except by the more costly options (Grilled Tiger Prawns as a starter-€25 and Lobster as mains €40) but under the guidance of Alex, the ravioli and foie gras were a pleasant surprise. The food transpired to be far more inspiring, far more enjoyable than the menu conveyed. There was also a  separate vegetarian menu offered.

DECO Restaurant Es Vive Figueretas

I couldn't help but order "Lobster and chips" - what a lovely combination! It transpired to be an excellent choice. The lobster was of good size, beautifully prepared and I relished every moment! My guest ordered the duck breast and again, all boxes were ticked. This meal was easily exceeding expectations - based on the attached hotel (funky) and menu descriptions.

A dessert of homemade cheesecake and chocolate parfait respectively were lovely - see images.

Finally, it was time for an espresso martini. I hadn't had one for years but with Salvatore, the barman with a comprehensive 5* background across Europe, there was a sense of expectation, of anticipation. Salvatore, if you ever read this, "you're the man!" - the martini rocked!

Discounting the lobster - the most expensive dish on the menu at 40€ pp - a three course menu, excluding drinks, was comfortably in the 40€ per person range and easily good value.

All in all a very good night. Whilst the restaurant is in stark contrast to the hotel, (I listened to numerous other diners, as they arrived also voicing their pleasant surprise, "Oh, I wasn't expecting this!" as they looked around them) the food, the service, the decor make it a venue worth sampling - a quality, civilised oasis.

To check out the menu - maybe even find out who was behind the stunning design of the restaurant and to make a reservation - DECO at Hotel Es Vive


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