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Deserted beaches on Ibiza in the winter season

Well, I bet few of you have seen any of Ibiza's beaches like the ones below!


The sun is shining (remember we have 300 days sunshine a year), there is not a sunbed or parasol to spoil the view, the water laps gently at the shore, the birds are crying and you have the entire beach to yourself, as you stroll slowly along, soaking up the sun and replenishing those sorely-needed Vitamin D supplies - sounds like paradise...

Time for a coffee?

One of our favourite winter activities is enjoying a cup of coffee, and/or a snack at one of the beach bars still open during the off-season.

It certainly puts a different slant on a december day, when you can sit outside in a T-shirt, admiring the view, and topping up on that winter tan.

Please ask at the reception of your hotel to see which beach bars or restaurants will be open during your stay.


If you look at the temperature chart further below on our page about the climate and weather in Ibiza, you can see that in the months of January and February, the sea does get quite chilly. Nonetheless, many friends of ours make a point of going swimming at least once in each calendar month. And don't worry, there is no ice to break ;-) Certainly in November, March and April, there are a good number of swimmers, who have the sea almost to themselves.


Perhaps the best way to enjoy Ibiza's beaches in the winter season. Favourites of ours are all the way along Playa d'en Bossa, along the coastline at Salinas to the pirate tower, and near to and around Cala Conta on the West coast.

The north of the island has some especially stunning coastline to be explored. These long walks are often rewarded with the most tiny of coves and bays, where you will never see another soul. Great spots for a picnic lunch too. For more information on exploring and all year round markets, see our page about cycling and walking and things to do in the winter season.