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Sa Punta des Molí cultural centre, Ibiza

Cultural centre in the bay of San Antonio.

The Espacio Cultural Sa Punta des Molí is located at the end of the main beach of San Antonio, S'Arenal, on the rocky outcrop that bears the same name. The complex consists of a beautifully restored mill, a waterwheel and a typical Ibizan house converted into a modern exhibition hall.

Inside the construction there is a restored typical trull, an olive press, with the primitive machinery that crushed and pressed the olives to extract their precious liquid gold.

The centre organises all kinds of cultural activities, mostly exhibitions.

Around the cultural centre, open spaces and terraces offer beautiful views of the bay of San Antonio. Nearby, a few boathouses remain standing as a living testimony of the fishing activity in the bay.

Resort: San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

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