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Restaurant, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Go beyond burgers with healthy plant-based dishes for people who value fresh, energising and nutritious ingredients.


Whether it's the first meal of the day to get you started, a relaxed bite or for a delicious take-away, Ve Café's range of nutritious, energizing dishes and drinks will fill you with healthy goodness, whilst the beautiful views of the sea from the arena-style terrace and uplifting music create a beautiful atmosphere to relax, catch-up or linger on. 

Choose from a variety of plant-based dishes or, if you simply fancy a refreshing and revitalising juice blend or a tasty vegan dessert, Ve Café have a delicious range to tempt you. For an aperitif, choose from their list of organic wines and beers

Sourced from its own farm, you can bet that what you're putting inside you is going to be as fresh and health-giving as possible. Here, you'll get ethically produced food, gluten-free options with a commitment to be organic, where possible.

Pick up one of Ve Café's Beachnics, the perfect takeaway picnic to enjoy on a boat trip or the beach or indeed anywhere you need super healthy food on the go or just to replenish your body.

Regular events invite you to join this cultural and community hub - a place to work, rest or learn. 

Photo credit, coupon image by Lutz Vorderwülbecke

Resort: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza