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El Gallo Viejo Restaurant

Restaurant, San Antonio Bay, Ibiza. Traditional Spanish food, to satisfy all tastes, in an oasis of rustic charm.



El Gallo Viejo, originally named The Old Cock, is situated close to the family-friendly beach of Port des Torrent. This legendary restaurant dates back as far as 1959 and many original rustic features remain, including photos of its long history adorning the walls.

Continuously modernised over many years, the kitchen boasts a top-quality charcoal grill and using the finest and freshest ingredients specialises in the best barbecued meat, fresh fish, rice dishes and traditional Ibizan cuisine.

At weekends, there are special curry nights in honour of the original owner’s time spent living in India before settling down on Ibiza.

During hot summer nights you will experience a great atmosphere out on the terrace. There is a play area for children and a large parking area opposite the restaurant. 

Good service and excellent value for money have made El Gallo Viejo a very firm favourite with both locals and tourists.

Resort: San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

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