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Uner - 'Palua' EP on Cadenza

Spanish artist Uner set to join the Cadenza family with new EP.

As one of Spain's leading electronic artists, Uner has had an array of successes over the years with his percussion and funk led productions on labels such as 2020 Vision, Get Physical and Defected.

Luciano was heard to be playing Uner's tracks during the Summer of 2011, and as a result Cadenza have snapped up the star and are releasing his first EP on label, 'Palua', on the 30th January.

The EP features 2 tracks titled 'Pallene' and 'Cocoua' with the latter, the B-side, featuring melodic chords, keys and a pounding bass, whilst the former takes the tempo up a notch with upbeat bongo's and a beautifully simple piano melody.

Only a few short days to wait for this one...

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