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Review: Viva Warriors Opening 2012

The launch of the new Wednesdays at Sankeys under the theme of the classic film 'The Warriors'.

Steve Lawler could see such potential in this relatively new, mid-sized club, in Ibiza that he has decided to hold regular Wednesday night parties at Sankeys.

It's probably fair to say its been one of the most eagerly anticipated new nights for 2012, with some serious lineups be unveiled to all. The opening provided some of the best music I've heard on the island this year, with Steve Lawler and particularly the 'Elevator (or lift to some) of Techno' Kevin Saunderson playing some quality music all night, with the sound changing in style for the last few hours to proper good fun house music. My ears were treated to the likes of legend Marshall Jefferson's 'Move Your Body', Soulmagic's 'Someone Like You', and the tune that put the biggest smiles on the crowd - Nuggetz 'House Republic'. Absolute tunes!

The whole vibe of this party in this club felt great, with the soundsystem, the cool minimal lighting, the crowd of hardened music lovers the venue attracts and the fact the floor physically bends and vibrates to the bass, which is great for no another reason than it feels nice... yeah. And you know, if it all gets too much, and you need a moment to compose yourself there's always the rooftop terrace where you could sit off and enjoy the Warriors film in full. What a classic it is!

Oh, and when you leave be sure to check out the exercise equipment in the park opposite - the perfect way to warm down. My my, aren't we full of usefull information!

More photos to come!

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