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Review: ENTER. Opening Party, Space 05/07/2012

After 14 years of playing on the island, Richie Hawtin has finally branched off to begin his own party, ENTER. at Space...

Out of all the brand new openings this year, the one I was personally looking forward to the most was ENTER. Kehakuma on its own is my favourite night on the island, so adding the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Damian Lazarus and even Sven Vath to their already very impressive Thursday night line ups could potentially be the icing on the cake for me.

What I really like about the concept for Enter is that Richie and his team wanted to bring something different to the island. Instead of paying to see a headline DJ in a super club, he wanted to create an experience. And we could see this from when we first walked on to the Sunset Terrace.

The whole of the Sunset terrace had been turned into what only looked like an AV installation or something you'd see in an Art exhibition. Jellyfish-like figures hung from the ceiling with multi-coloured LEDs pulsating down them while party goers wandered through them posing for photos and interacting with them. Also, where the famous Space photo board used to be positioned next to the entrance to the Discoteca, an interactive projector screen had been set up that warped to your body shape – pretty cool I must say! You could also get an Enter tattoo which was being sported by many people at the party. The circle Enter logo was prominent throughout the venue, showing that a serious amount of thought was put in by Richie and his team to try and create something unique.

I arrived pretty early as one of the other nice touches of ENTER. is that one of the headliners plays a 2 hour set in the El Salon between 10pm and 12am - there aren't many venues in Ibiza where you can catch such big DJ's playing in such an intimate setting. The Sake cocktails were flying from across the bar and the international crowd were thoroughly enjoying themselves listening to Dubfire play in probably the smallest room he's played in Ibiza for a number of years. But, it worked. Huge thumbs up from me!

While having a little boogie in the El Salon (named ENTER.Sake for the party) we managed to catch up with Richie who spent a lot of the night wandering around all the rooms chatting to guests. He told us, “It's all about the experience at Enter, using all 4 rooms so that everyone can find their own place”. As we finished our brief chat, we saw Luciano and Sven Vath also in ENTER.Sake partying away with their entourages. There was a huge sense of non-pretentiousness and community, and I guess this is the experience that Richie and his M-Nus team are looking to create.

There was so much going on around the venue we haven't even got to the music yet. Lets just say it was spot on. Bass heavy Techno from the likes of Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Gaiser and Hobo in the Discoteca (named ENTER. for the party), pleasant underground house vibes in the Terrace with Kehakuma DJ's Magda, Nick Curly, Radio Slave, Barem and Remo whilst upstairs some nice mellow disco and house from Daniel Miller and Seth Hodder. The programming of the music has obviously been done very carefully, with different styles in every room to cater for everyone. The circular Enter logo again was very prominent in the Discoteca, which around 10-12 of them dotted around the room which lit up at various times throughout the night, and some really cool silhouettes of the dancers either side of the booth.

We were promised 'Music, Sake, Technology & Experience'. There was plenty of Technology to get stuck in to, too much Sake to enjoy (I think we were all feeling it this morning) and great music to back it all up. It was certainly a different experience to any other night that I'd been to at any other party on the island, or should I say I was most definitely ENTER.tained... wahey!

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