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Ibiza Virgins: Top Tips from 2012

Tips from our forum members.

Our Ibiza Spotlight Forum really is a great source of information on everything from music, to club nights or where to find those 'must see' places to visit off the beaten track. Many of our members have been coming to Ibiza for years and years, and so qualify as worthy advisors.

Here, our members were asked if they could give any tips from their experiences of the 2012 season to share with other users of Ibiza Spotlight. Read below to find out what they said.

Our favourite? "Grow old disgracefully." We intend to.

You can read the full thread here.

NilSatis: Don't be afraid of going out of season. The island is really beautiful at these times, it's cheaper, and although most of the clubs aren't open, there are plenty of places to party.

Djedwardsmith: Take advantage of the cheap bus service and see the rest of the Island.

Doddy: Hawtins ENTER. night will probably be the best night on the island this year... dont miss it!

Fraz: It helps if you have a good sense of direction as nearly all cab drivers I encountered had never heard of where I wanted to go or knew the locations - pathetic! (Spot: we have never experienced this!)

Richk: Give the Disco Bus a try!

Chepitoibz: The beaches are awesome!

Jamesc81: Berrocca daily helps, even if you aren't eating well.

Fusion: Do as many parties as u can. You'll have enough time to rest later on in your grave!

Phil_dicko: If you stay in a villa in a large group, get a car and be organised about communal shopping. Our communal shops amounted to about 5 Euros per person a day and we had mountains of food and drink.

Dave_DL: Grow old disgracefully.

Bag Baggins: This was my first stay outside of San An and I would recommend this to anyone going with the girlfriend over the age of 25. We went through to the West End and it was exactly how I remembered it! The Sunset strip has changed a lot though. PDB was generally much more European, slightly older but no less clubby. I would also recommend getting tickets in advance. We got Carl Cox & SHM tickets at the start of summer for about half the price of official outlets.

Macdonsj: Either Fish Shack late at night or Kanya sunset menu, good value meal

Alarm: Go to the fish shack and also use buses, saved a packet!

Doddy: Dont kick the arse out of it during the day... I ruined a few of my nights when I wish I could have stayed for longer in the clubs.

Matt thomas: Use the bus service to save the pennies, learn some Spanish (it goes a long way) and stay out of the midday sun!

Hywel: If you're staying B&B, always force yourself to get up for breakfast.

Mark B: If there are a large number of your friends on the island, rent a boat. We hired one for the sunset with CDJ's & an excellent sound system - was well worth the money. Also, a car is a must in Ibiza - keeps me out of mischief during the day! Always somewhere new to explore in Ibiza!

Cowan: Get a car and do some exploring... probably the best thing we did.

Lucky Luciano: Yeah, don't go to 9 club nights in a row. By the end I felt so burnt out and tired, and since I caught a cold I was coughing and sniffling a lot, so on the last night when I did Ushuaïa and Pacha, I felt like I was just going through the motions.

Greeny: Sleep. A couple of Berroca the morning after works a treat.

Cherryman: Don't do too much during the day if you still want to make some nice evenings; I did some hiking to Salinas & walked to Dalt Villa, nice to see some more then just the beach, but had to do some more proper planning if I want to make more out of the party nights.

Ikoda: It's possible to eat well for £15 for the week thanks to Lidl. That store is a god send.

FallenangelGparsons: Keep in touch with many people, trading phone numbers with first and last name (guestlist with attractive girls, workers etc...) You can meet in order to go free to club, buy food drink in supermarket such as Vipercenter, Mercadona, do your own party with friends, do you own meals s (gambas ect...), buy a kind of 'fridge' to put in the toot of the car...

Chrissauro: Go watch the sunset in Sant Antonio.

Arexniba: Convert your countries currency to Euros before flying in because bank ATMs only give a €500 limit per day. Find a good plan for your phone, be yourself and enjoy the island because I made a nice handful of international friends.

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