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End of The Streets

Mike Skinner pens a memoir to celebrate the end of The Streets...

Were you lucky enough to catch what was to be one of the last live performances by The Streets at Ibiza Rocks last summer? Mike Skinner and the boys called time on the amazing Streets project in November of last year, with their last album, titled Computers and Blues, considered by some as the best of the lot.

So, to celebrate what was undoubtedly an equally exciting aural journey for both listener and creator, Mike Skinner has embarked upon the writing of a memoir. The book will take a look at story of how The Streets came to be, and how, unfortunately, it all came to an end.

Try as we might, we can't actually find any more information on this, other than to say there will be photos (yay!) and it was written with the help of Ben Thompson who has helped write with Russel Brand amongst others.

For now though, Skinner Fans, keep yourself excited and entertained with The D.O.T. project… which at the moments stands as a series of experimental videos from which an album will be formed. Have a look at this collaboration with Ghostpoet…

Whilst it is indeed a shame to see the end of The Streets, after 6 albums and at least one great night of live performance in Ibiza, we can all feel satisfied that we enjoyed it while it last and look forward to anything and everything he does in the future.

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