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Hed Kandi Closing Party 2011

Glamour, class, fashion, and the Lovely Laura on Sax. All these things will disappear from San Antonio from Saturday onwards.

Yep, all gone. Becuase Hed Kandi's closing party is this Saturday. So, if you want to catch sight of some frankly stunning ladies flying around the jungle paradise that is Es Paradis on roller skates then get yourself a ticket for this Saturday. Otherwise you will have to wait aaaaaages until next season. And why wait, when you can have it all now?

Hed kandi has a host of the usual suspects playing on the night, including Andy Norman, Sam Cannon, and Ben Santiago. Not forgetting of course the girl who spends all night sitting up on the Hed Kandi moon blowing hard on her Saxaphone; the Lovely Laura! And they have Dean Oram bashing away on the percussion adding a little tribal flavour into the mix.

Get yourself a ticket now!

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