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Pacha Winter Season Parties - Pacha

At Pacha. The club that started it all...


Pacha is a club that, so far, had shunned summer glory. It stood side by side with residents all throughout the colder months, putting on a music program that keeps the White Isle dancing well into winter. For the first time, this winter 2017/2018, the nightclub closes its doors for an undisclosed amount of time.

To make up for this, the El Hotel Pacha, which stays open year-round, will be hosting the Cherry Room this winter. Starting on Friday 17 November 2017, the pop-up club takes over the lounge on Fridays and Saturdays with music, cocktails and a selection of tapas. The deep, funky and house grooves by island-favourites Angel Linde and Willie Graff will make sure the cherry world lives on while the nighclub undergoes refurbishment.

In the past, the result was a range of events that burst into action every Friday and Saturday night, transforming the club into an intimate haven for locals looking to let loose over the weekend.

In 2017, we had our pick from Sebastian Gamboa's Vintage, a night with enough glitter and glamour to challenge the whole of the 1920s; an Ibiza Global Radio Showcase, starring some of Ibiza's finest electronic talent; or The Zoo Project, which made a special one-off appearance at the club in March.

There was plenty to keep you busy before summer 2017 slid into gear. We shall see when the cherry world will turn on the action once again, but it is bound to memorable.

Venue: Pacha