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Pacha's New Year's Eve - Pacha

At Pacha. Celebrate New Year's Eve at Ibiza's most emblematic club!


Traditionally, Pacha is the only big Ibiza club that stays open all year round. And thus their New Year's Eve celebrations are always an important pillar in the Ibiza New Year's festivities.

This winter, Pacha presents a double header to end (and start) the year in style. The festivities kick off at 9pm on the 31st of December, first with 'Lío goes to Pacha'. The dinner show venue in the marina of Ibiza is moving their gastronomic and acrobatic experience to the cherry venue nearby and will present a feast for both your eyes and your tummy. To attend the dinner show, reserve your table ASAP via phone +34 971 313 600.

Once the traditional 12 grapes have been eaten at midnight and everyone has raised their glass of champagne to a prosperous 2016, Pacha is being transformed back into a proper club, opening at 1am for the club night. The main protagonist this year is the hottest Pacha artist of the past summer - Solomun. Alongside him, Magdalena and Pacha resident DJs Angel Linde and Sergio Mussa will also be on DJ duties. Prepare for a long night!

Tickets for the club night starting from 1am are on sale now at 46€.

Venue: Pacha

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