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SPTL086: Derrick May

Absolute techno from one of 'The Belleville Three'.

You can catch Derrick Carter performing at the We Love... Opening Fiesta alongside Carl Craig, Paul Woolford, Ben UFO and Jem Haynes on Sunday 10th June. If his 2011 performance was anything to go be, this will surely be one of the parties of the season... there really is no other way to spend your Sunday!


Derrick May has been an international phenomenon ever since he revolutionized the British club scene in the ‘80s. His music and artistry helped create the modern day clubscape. Along with Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson they are known as “The Belleville Three” and are universally credited as the originators of Techno. His seminal hits “Strings of Life” and “Nude Photo” are two examples of his work that took Detroit Techno and launched it across the globe to be emulated and embraced by DJs worldwide (and also earned him the moniker “The Innovator”). Transmat, the label Derrick founded in the mid ‘80s, was a launch pad for artists such as Carl Craig, Juan Atkin's Model 500, Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin and Joey Beltram to name a few. Derrick continues to be a massive club draw in every major market in the world.

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