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SPTL010 Ian Blevins

This week one of our favourite Ibiza DJs and easiy one of the most talented, Ian Blevins.


In Ian's words, "it was just a matter of pressing record and go", which suits us just fine. Say hello to 2 hours of enchanting eclectic balearicness with more than one or two surprise tracks.


In 2008 theorists predicted the year of the Blevins was on the cards for 2009. Having placed a small wager on this, these theorists are now multi millionaires.

Starting his 2009 in the sun soaked Australia, Ian's gigs took a festival twist playing at one of Australia's most talked about events, Playground Weekender. Alongside this Ian played at a host of Sydney's top venues including Ladylux, Favella, and The Loft, including playing on the same bill as Norman Jay and the Unabombers for the Good Times weekend. On top of this Ian was responsible for warming up for Crazy Penis on their Australian tour. Not a bad start by anyone's standards.

Although a good start to the year, the bookies at which theorists had placed there bets would still not concede this to be a true “year of the Blevins”. With this in mind, after a string of hugely successful UK gigs, Ian headed to Ibiza, a place Ian knew he could prove the theorists correct. It didn't take him long. A residency at We Love… taking in The Premier Etage, the main Terrace and a very special back to back session with Andre the Giant in El Salon cemented his status and earned his backers thousands of Pesetas. With 2009 in the bag Ian's Ibiza summer was given a proverbial cherry on the top; surely one of the most coveted sets in Ibiza and hence the world – Space Closing Fiesta, Inside Terrace, job done. With over 16000 people attending the party, Ian's set to a capacity room from start to finish remains a highlight of the event.

With a tour of Asia and Australia about to commence Ian plans to follow the sun down under and we can only hope it brings him back round to us here in Ibiza next summer.

The sensible money is on 2010 – Blevins for president of the world.

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