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528 Ibiza

An immersive, multi-sensorial experience through fine food, music, art, and performance.


528 Ibiza venue is the brainchild of Bartolo Escandell, owner of the famous Benimussa Park. Following his dream, the sunset terrace has evolved into a theatrical dining space, connecting diners to the surrounding elements, with pine-clad hills on either side and the alluring, elevated view towards the golden sunset in the distance.

Innovative party pioneer Andy McKay of Manumission, Ibiza Rocks and Pikes fame, has taken up the challenge to capture the island’s mythical energy and produce a transcendental show in harmony with the resonant healing properties of the 528 Hz frequency. The result - an homage to Ibizan history throughout the ages, is an experiential theatrical performance by Artful Entertainment that channels fire, water, wind, and earth, alongside the island’s ancestors. The 528 Ibiza troupe move rhythmically, organically and instinctively as one, with the island’s Phoenician goddess protector, Tanit, playing a central role.

Cuisine is in the capable hands of a team of avant-garde chefs – led by internationally renowned head chef Gonzalo Aragüez (Lío Ibiza, Destino Ibiza) and talented sous-chef Massimiliano Bartelloni (W Ibiza, Piccola Cucina, Lío Ibiza, Supperclub). The team have crafted a tantalising 5-course set menu of dishes created with high-quality, locally produced ingredients from the earth and water of Ibiza - cooked in a traditional manner but with modern panache.

Guests at 528 Ibiza are guaranteed a feast for the eyes, ears, and palate, with exceptional service from the attentive floor staff, who will ensure that your glass never runs dry and your delectable cocktails are delivered in an unexpected fashion at every twist and turn of this unique journey.

Resort: San Antonio, Ibiza

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