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7 house DJs to see on Ibiza this week

Seven house diamonds hacked from the Ibiza caves

Techno hasn't completely taken over the island just yet. The house train is still rolling down the Ibiza tracks and this week we've got some top notch house connoisseurs taking control behind the wheel. Join us on a musical journey as we reveal the top seven house DJs to see on Ibiza this week.

Monday 29 August / Ben Santiago / Hed Kandi at Ocean Beach

There's nowhere better to live it up in the sun and reminiscence about the Hed Kandi days than at Ocean Beach, with Ben Santiago pon de decks adding to that VIP, groovy vibe. Santiago always succeeds in doling out a good time to happy-go-lucky sun seekers, so head down and let Mr. Santiago, show you what he's got.

Tuesday 30 August / Cesar De Melero / A Night of Classics at Heart

Cesar De Melera has been described as one of the pillars of house music in Spain, so it's safe to say this DJ knows how to get the party going. What better way to showcase only the best new and old house but to play a vinyl only set at Heart. This night has all the ingredients for a trip down house memory lane.

Wednesday 31 August / Detlef / Lost In Ibiza boat party

It feels good to include a boat party in this week's list. Detlef sets sail on the Lost In Ibiza boat from San Antonio this Wednesday, and it's without a doubt an unmissable party. Detlef is a bona fide member of the Solid Grooves crew, but on this occasion he'll be switching things up to cause some motion on the ocean. Santos Allen joins the house and techno pioneer for the wavey boat party and helps August finish with a bang.

Thursday 1 September / Dennis Cruz / Solid Grooves at Privilege

After the fabulous news that Solid Grooves will extend its 2016 season - rightly so after such a successful few months - this week sees Dennis Cruz prove exactly why all groovers can expect to continue their party further into September. Cruz juggles between tech house and deep house, catering for all tastes and with the mixing to match. Also on the bill are Audiojack and Anja Schneider.

Friday 2 September / Todd Terry / Glitterbox at Space

This man needs no introduction - Todd Terry has been at the forefront of the scene since house music found its way to the UK and has fittingly represented all things house in Ibiza since. What's more, Glitterbox is one of the happiest parties on the island, so don your disco booties and let Mr. Terry take you back to the good ol' days.

Saturday 3 September / Secondcity / Tribal Sessions at Sankeys

Things get tribal every Saturday at Sankeys and who better to take you through the exotic themed fiesta than Secondcity. Any DJ raised in Chicago has a natural ear for anything house, and after exploding onto the scene in 2014 after the release of ‘I Enter', Secondcity has boshed through the charts and exploded Sankeys on a regular basis.

Sunday 4 September / Darius Syrossian / Sundays at Space

Sundays at Space have been getting hotter and hotter throughout the season, and this week will see Darius Syrossian heading the line-up for the Do Not Sleep crew, only this time he'll be taking centre stage on the Sunset Terrace, where he'll be dishing out an extra special '27 years of Space' set. Expect a trip through the ages on one of the club's most intimate dance floors. Not to be missed.

WORDS | Ruby Munslow

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