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Review: Four weeks of The Zoo Project Ibiza

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

On Saturday 4 June, The Zoo Project opened its doors for the first time this season, heralding the start of another long, hot summer and the 10th year of this unique fiesta at Benimussa Park. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at the first month of the spectacle, stepping boldly into the animal kingdom to give you a little taste of what to expect. The Zoo Project is a feast for the senses - the line-up boasts unannounced surprise guests each and every week for unadulterated aural pleasure, artistic performers parade dressed in a variety of spectacular costumes, revellers can relax at the dedicated chill-out area, The Mandala Garden, before dancing the night away at one of the many stages, and if your hunting skills are off kilter, you can even get your paws on some ready-made barbeque action.

Over the past four weeks, Benimussa Park has been a hive of activity. Resident Defex kicked things off in the first week at the infamous Seal Pit – a stage where the DJs replace performing animals on stage. At the Treehouse, fellow regulars Karina & Michael James charmed the crowd before Italian duo System of Survival got involved with proceedings - while Columbian Eli Rojas rocked the Living Room. Back in the Seal Pit, everyone's favourite freak, Lee Walker closed out an excellent first day.

Week two saw Javi Bora and Samuel Deep in the Seal Pit, as Kekahuma took over for the day. Adding to the chaos were giant hopping rabbits, a fierce looking woman resembling a predatory feline and a man who looked like a cross between the mad hatter and the Cheshire cat, complete with maddening grin. Up in the Treehouse the UK's Laura Jones wrapped it up as the animals below feasted on deep house tracks like Secret Mummy's 'The Mole'.

By week three, The Zoo Project's unique mayhem was properly underway. Federico Grazzini closed out the Seal Pit as an array of performers - some dressed as odd zebra-looking cats - pranced in the foreground to the sound of Michael Jackson's 'Wanna be Startin' Somethin'. Across in the Treehouse, Evan Baggs delivered an uplifting journey that had every animal in the kingdom united in euphoria.

In week four, we entered under the cover of darkness, wandering through the meandering paths to find The Mandala Garden. We sat around in a circle with friends and strangers alike, an unbeatable vibe created by the amalgamation of old acquaintances and new. It was then time to head to the Seal Pit for Detroit techno hero Stacey Pullen who predictably had hyped up ravers begging for more. Buoyed by his performance and the unbeatable Zoo vibes, the party continued long into the night. The Zoo Project is a unique experience - one that should definitely be considered as you plan your days out here this summer. Like Alice in Wonderland, you'll be diving down the rabbit hole when you enter – how far down you go is entirely up to you.

WORDS | David Fleming

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