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Album of the week: OCH 'Time Tourism'

The British artist has his first full length foray on Systematic Recordings.

Artist: OCH
Album: Time Tourism
Label: Systematic Recordings
Release date: 08/04/2016

On 8th April, James Florentinsson Lean, the artist behind the pseudonym OCH, debuted his first full length piece on Marc Romboy's record label, Systematic Recordings. The album, presented as a double CD, is a clear reference to the Acid House culture in which he was immersed in his English hometown, as well as his very particular predilection for Detroit techno. The Brit, now is based in Stockholm, has had an impressive career under his belt since 2000, when Baby Ford greeted him under his wings and published his first EP on his label Pal-SL. Since then, OCH has made remixes for imprints such as Bass Culture and Hold Youth, as well as founding his own recording house under the name of Autoreply, which has housed the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Claro Intelecto, Ed Davenport, Dan Curtin, Mark Broom and Agaric.

His close relationship with Romboy brings us to Time Tourism, a baptismal album that has taken two years to build. Consisting of 23 classy, deep and delicate tracks, it's a work of mood-shifting soundscapes touching on myriad musical references – you can find everything from deep house to '90s electro here. The album is divided into two different cuts - the first is a clear wink to summer parties, in which relaxed house grooves extend throughout all nine tracks. There are some real gems here, like 'Time Tourism', the minimal house jam that gives its name to the album, and then there are dreamy keys and catchy female vocal samples on 'Flux' and 'Midnight at Noon'.

The second cut is a little longer at 12 compositions, and it switches up the mood completely as soon as you click play. The darker side of OCH and his love for Detroit techno come to light in this part of the album, as well as hints of '90s electro and its characteristic sci-fi tints. 'Cold Memories' and 'Work Da Groove' are two of the tracks to highlight as quality clubbing material that will make you dance all night.

Time Tourism is an undoubtedly an album that embodies contrdictions; it's deep and colourful, emotive and happy at the same time, and it transports you to another place as you listen.


CD 1

1. Urashima Taro
2. Prince Agoo
3. Flux
4. Warm Lazy Days
5. Time Tourism (Dawn Mix)
6. Smokem'
7. Quasars
8. Persian Dreams
9. Midnight at Noon

CD 2

1. Aquaplane
2. Time Traveler
3. Process Research
4. Scandic Arp
5. Cold Memories
6. From Behind The Stars
7. Time Tourism (Album Version)
8. Brainwave Entertainment
9. The Code
10. Eyeline Future Skyline
11. Work da Groove (VIP Album Mix)
12. Robot Dawn
13. Game Over

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