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Nic Fanciulli celebrates 10 years of Saved Records in London

Andrea Oliva, Stacey Pullen, Lauren Lane and many more will join him on this special night.

Time flies, dearest friends, and it seems that a decade ago YouTube was not the only important thing for music being born. At that halcyon time, Nic Fanciulli was creating Saved Records in Maidstone city, as an electronic space from which to launch his own production as well as coordinate established and emerging artists to create a new concept of electronic community. Saved Records is a label which, from the fans perspective at least, has worked perfectly for ten years, hosting records of big names such as Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, Jordan Peak, Andrea Oliva and a long etcetera in which Nic Fanciulli is included, of course.

So the Grammy nominated-artist will be celebrating the long life of Saved on Saturday the 7th of November with a special party which will take place at London's Fire after a successful debut there last January. But the big news is that the boss himself has selected nine friends to join him along the night who accurately represent the essence and sound of the label: favourite Ants resident Andrea Oliva; Italian duo Italoboyz; NY House lady Lauren Lane; Londoner veteran Mark Broom; the brother of brothers Mark Fanciulli; emerging talent Ninetoes; key member of the Saved family Rob Cockerton; dancefloors' destroying Ross Evans and last but not least, Detroit legend Stacey Pullen.

As the headliner of the night is the label-head, expect tech house vibes, classic tracks, hedonistic rhythms and melodic grooves that Nic has been playing during the Ibiza 2015 season in his performances at our favourites Carl Cox Revolution nights, wild Paradise afternoons at DC10, the crazy Ushuaïa closing party and of course, the resident nights with Joris Voorn by his side, La Familia.

Put on your best pair of shoes, be ready to chant, dance and jump and join Nic's crew in this very special celebration. In the meantime, check out the label's last release, and Long live Saved Records!

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