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Review: Music On closing party at Amnesia, 2015

Carola’s final breakfast of champions at 11:30am, Amnesia terrace.

After four consecutive years on the island, the success Marco Carola's nights have achieved is still outstanding. And if any of you went to his closing party last night, you would probably know what I am talking about – and if not, not to worry, that's what we at Spotlight are here for. This time the Italian wanted to adorn his line up with familiar faces, artists who were capable of filling the whole venue with techno beats respecting the party's motto: It is all about the music. But everything must be said, the absence of Joseph Capriati was notable after being Carola's right hand man for much time, and although Paco Osuna did a sterling job in the main room instead, Capriati should have been there to bless our ears for the last time this season. Capriati or not, the stir outside Amnesia was incredible. By 12:30 they had almost filled the capacity of the club and all guest lists and necklace passes were no longer accepted. Those complications made me miss Hector's set, the gates to Music On madness guarded a little too fiercely in this case. Sorry Hector, I am sure you totally killed it.

Freezing and dodging people, we finally put our foot on the main room dancefloor where Leon welcomed us with his strong and bouncing tech house, starting with Tyrone's More To Love tune which we cheered whilst searching for a wide enough space to dance – impossible mission. Three hours of music courtesy of this Italian who worked the crowd into frenzy, mixing the tunes together a treat with build ups and drops that shook the very foundations of the room. A highlight, the moment he played Spin Me Round (Pirupa and Ninho Remix) which has been one of Marco's faovured tracks during this summer. Meanwhile on the terrace, Stacey Pullen was warming up things for Carola who was due to play next. The Detroit techno master opened the night with droning beats, tribal drums and dark vibes which took hold of all the feet-moving party goers through his time on the booth. And the truth is that playing in front of miles of Carola-hungry fans isn't always easy but he knew how to satisfy the hungry audience who, when the clock struck 4:15, started to wonder where Carola was. But the Italian hopped on with a big smile on his face (!!) where Stacey left off, hugging his friend but without disturbing the rhythm that has been so carefully crafted since the night began.

During the first 40 minutes of his set, every time Carola broke a track you could hear the crowd scream, applaud and whistle. The Amnesia terrace was completely packed, bursting at the seams, but the people just didn't seem to care. The Naples artist had a capacity that few can say they have; a magic union and connection with his audience which is the key of Music On success. The bpm was increasing gradually and dub techno mixed with tech house going for a really fresh set during the first hour where we heard such amazing tunes as Sidney Charles and Sante - All Night Long.

And as night dwindled and the sun was about to rise, the transitions between tracks were getting longer and the beats were getting harder. After the sun came up Carola's tracks got more diverse and less predictable. He escaped from the usual tech-house and went into some testing minimal without ever getting boring. There was one huge highlight of the morning when he played I'm A Freak over the top of this outrageous 4x4 bassline and the terrace literally exploded with noise. His time on the decks stretched until 11:30 in the morning where the attendees could enjoy a proper Carola breakfast of champions (the kind of breakfast that needs to be tried at least once in life) saying goodbye to the 2015 season with the vibes of Frankie Knucles's Move Your Body.

But Carola didn't want to go home and finish the party yet. The boss dropped by Cova Santa to the after party and played five hours more – insane! Let them have some rest during the winter while we still dream we're a dancing 'til we drop at the Amnesia terrace. Let's charge our batteries for coming back next year. See you soon Marco!

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Music On

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