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Privilege closing party is a wackily dazzling must

The W’s of the 12 hour non-stop party, hosted by the extravagent SupermartXé.

Who: SupermartXé and its Supermen
What: 12 hours of insane EDM music
Where: At the world's biggest club, Privilege
When: 2nd October

Privilege has earned its party-killer fame due to a long long trajectory hosting the maddest fiestas on the island; parties that have been always characterized for being the most unpredictable, wacky and visually dazzling events in Ibiza. This summer we all have been able to enjoy its diversity of sessions which have come from the pure trance beats with Connect to the prodigious back-to-back-to-back sets courtesy of Do Not Sleep folk. But without any doubt its strongest night has been the wacky SupermartXé, celebrated every Friday at the shockingly big Main Room of the club, bringing the latest commercial dance hits to its closed-pool venue and providing a full spectacle of dancers, fireworks and billions of confetti.

That's why the the closing party could be hosted by none other than SupermartXé, who also is inviting its Superman gay-only party to take the Vista Club. A combination that they have been making all summer and that will put the final point with flying colours to the Privilege 2015 season this Frday the 2nd of October.

Do you want to know what you should expected from them? Note down!

Twelve-hour musical marathon

The NERVO duo spearheads the line-up of the Privilege closing party, all ready to rock the crowd with their addictive and energetic powerhouse sets. The maddest babes of EDM will make you sweat, chant and dance to some of the greatest commercial tracks and no-doubt you will also hear some of their big releases (When Love Takes Ooooover) as they have been doing all summer at their weekly Ushuaïa residency. Thomas Gold, DJ, producer and re-mixer, will be on the stage too to set the dancefloor on fire to the rhythm of progressive house beats followed by Yves V, who has been dropping by SupermartXé parties very often this summer, Brian Cross, who doesn't need any presentation, and the the Dutch duo Glow in The Dark, friends and ally's of Guetta himself.

But of course, our dearest residents couldn't miss this one, so make sure you're in time to check Alex Guerrero, Abel the Kid, Javi Reina, Manuel de Diego, Salva di Nobles and Valcar on the decks gratefully accompanied by the beautiful voice of longtime SupermartXé singer Nalaya Brown that will put an emotional dash to the night. Believe me – you won't take your eyes away from the stage.

Sunrise in the glasshouse

In all of our Privilege reviews we like to remark that one of the better spots to see the sunrise in Ibiza is not on the outside but indoors. The room called Vista Club, for all those who have never been into it, is one of the prettiest party venues of Ibiza. With glazed walls and roof and a stage thankfully close to the crowd, Privilege's smaller room has an amazing view of the sunrise, where you could see the sun coming up just behind the DJ booth. Prepare yourself for standing with your hairs on end while listening your favourite song and everyone applauding the arrival of a new day.

Expected time of sunrise: around 7:40am

Spectacular and extravagant shows

At SupermartXé parties it is not all about the music. The show plays a main role at its nights and you can be sure that the closing party is not going to be an exception but a demonstration of what they are capable of in such a way. And no, I am not only talking about stage production, funny trimmings, confetti, king-sized ice cannons or colourful lights. I am talking about fashion catwalks, amazing male and female trained dancers, skilled contortionists and such impressive visual effects. SupermartXé nights introduce you to another world where there are no rules but having fun and party hard.

Supermen invade Vista Club

Besides all of this madness, there is still another remarkable aspect which lifts Privilege closing: Superman. Finishing its second season running Vista Club Fidays, SupermartXé's gay-only fiesta will be flooding the next room with its own kind of party, spreading love, wildness and electro-house vibes all over the venue. The booth will be hosted by DJ Hugo Sánchez and Leo Blanco, the Superman residents of this summer, but joining them there will be a big addition: Guéna LG, the French producer who has achieved a long run of remixes for the best pop stars from The Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue or Enrique Iglesias to Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman and Marc de Groot

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