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Cocoon closing is a vinyl crunching must

If the Grand Closing isn't on your agenda here's why you should change your mind.

Who: Cocoon and its loyal following
What: Sven Väth and co. invite us in one final time
Where: Amnesia
When: Monday 28th September

Why: An important date in the closing schedule every year is saying farewell to Cocoon. Since Cocoon's first year in Ibiza in 1999, establishing the party as the first in the techno realm on the island, it has gone on to take the world over with quality sets and unforgettable moments. Here's a run through of some reasons to head on down to the Grand Closing tonight. We know you won't need much convincing, so we've kept it short but sweet and hope to see you on the dance floor. Be careful not to wet yourself in excitement while reading.

Sweet sixteenth

If MTV taught me anything, it's that sweet sixteenths are much better when you celebrate it with as many people as possible, friend or foe. So feel free to join in. Also, more importantly, don't hold back! Cocoon's dedicated crew and patrons will be down to Amnesia to see off year 16. And what a sweet sixteenth of surprise B2Bs, dynamic twist and turns and sun-fledged terrace mornings that was. This brand of antics and stories may never be safe for TV broadcast, however if you want to see what goes on at this super sweet last one you'll have to pay a visit.

Meaty main room antics

Down to play the main room we have none other than Adam Beyer, rising to the forefront of the scene with his behemoth of a techno label, Drumcode, laying the scaffolding for longevity. This will be his fifth appearance for Cocoon this summer, making him virtually the third resident, clocking up just one fewer visit than Villalobos. Joining him will be Ilario Alicante, the Italian maestro has been the figurehead for Cocoon across the waters for a more intimate affair with percussion at Formentera this season. Having headed the closing party for them at Tipic earlier this month, him doing his thing at Amnesia once again will be golden.

Our charismatic leader

Cocooners love their charismatic party leader so much, they've bestowed the highest honour and responsibility upon him and dubbed him their father. Papa Sven - as Sven Väth has affectionately been known for some years now - has inspired us to rave longer, laugh louder and dance harder since he was a young and eager clubber himself, and, like a mature cheddar or choice hunk of driftwood, he only improves with age. Apart from being one of the true masters of the DJ craft, a bastion of the endangered vinyl format and a tangible passionate music lover, you need only catch Väth slowly surveying a heaving club room before him, locking eyes with a salient few, to see the close connection this man has to his crowd.

Surprise guests + sounds

As we informed you earlier this week, the two previously under wraps guests joining in on the Monday night ritual are Sonja Moonear and Mano Le Tough. The last time the first of which graced the terrace, it was truly magnetic stuff and she'll be back to spin us into her web once more, Henrik Schwarz at the same spot with a live set. These final two additions complete the as ever consistent line-up, which on any given night of Cocoon is made up of five to six artists. Allowing for longer set times for the DJs to venture properly into their music collection, to go in terrace and clubroom style.

The tissue is waiting

At some point during his set, Sven Väth is expected to show off his multitask skills. Setting the terrace floor on fire, causing unity through us all as with his unbeatable selections, unloading a roll of tissue onto the crowd. Yep, you heard it here first. Grab some pieces; they'll come in handy for wiping your tears away after the last kick drum hits. If you manage to keep some of it dry – mop up the sweat while you're at it so you can sort out arrangements for the carry-on, as the fun won't stop there. Cocoon's closing after parties are legendary stuff, and ask about enough and you'll soon be prepping for even more.

To conclude, on Monday night, all of Amnesia's visitors are going to be wishing they could stay in the transformative musical chrysalis that is Cocoon all year round. Don't forget to save some steam for the famous after party!


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