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Review: Axwell Ingrosso and Friends closing party, 2015

FΛrewell for now, Ushuaïa.

Starting off the inescapable, forthcoming goodbye to the 2015 season was Axwell Λ Ingrosso's closing party last night. The two have resided at Ushuaïa this summer for the third year running, the party titled Departures in previous years. Hosting the night was the duo themselves and Friends they invited for the final show. Upon entrance, going through the pointed Λ logo - to me representing the heightening combination of both artists' melodies and energies - prepped us for the night. Arriving on the backend of Robin Schulz's set, the moment was calling for us to get down to a remix of Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit, and the atmosphere kind of did smell youthful from the energetic crowd visible in every direction.

Axwell & Ingrosso's approach to the stage was streamed on the back screen, connecting the audience with the moment they step on stage rocking the same haircut and making their best attempt at convincing us white jeans are cool. Pianos rolled up a key the closer they got, for an extended breakbeat blast to mark their arrival. The first major sing-along we embarked on was to Calvin Harris - Outside, as licks of fire made themselves known for any out there feeling chilly, heating things up further. "It's good to be weird sometimes, and then go back to normal," explained one of the pair as funky house beats were cut short and the anticipation for what's next boiled. Eerie and agreeably weird vocals from Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek were then introduced, followed by Alesso's Heroes to inspire the flock, topped by hearing Pharrell Williams' recent collaboration with the two on Dream Bigger, uniting hip-hop lovers inside.

Work from each Swedish artist proved equally as popular, but the result of them working together is an undeniable improvement, affirmed by the reaction for 2012 track Calling. In a sweet sentiment they later detailed on days they spend in a basement in Sweden trying to make something to get people to dance, thanking all for enjoying their music. Admiration for Disclosure was noted as they played out Latch and Bang That. Yellow body suited dancers spun on harnesses as smoke ejected out from the stage, covering up the Ushuaïa bird.

As a sacrifice for letting Ibiza host their season they poured heirbas (the only viable option for the White Isle). A fast changing, constant flow of recognisable vocals followed by breakdowns maintained the energy. The last half hour under Ushuaïa's arch was seen in with Child and Save The World from once upon a time triplet Swedish House Mafia, and Daft Punk's One More Time. The residency was seen off in a lively fashion, recent release On My Way encouraging clapping to make appreciations known, an appreciation returned as star-shaped confetti was dispersed on us all as they said their goodbyes and left the decks.

WORDS | Emma Gillett PHOTOGRAPHY | Ushuaïa

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