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Podcast: SPTL195: Defex

One of The Zoo Project's finest DJs, audio engineers and beard growers steps up for an exclusive Spotlight mix.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"It's live-cut from a DJ set in The Zoo Project's Seal Pit. Made sense to use it as it's one of my favorite slots in the world, just at that magic moment when the sun sets and the night kicks in."

"Technically I am using a Xone92, 3x CDJ2000s and an Analog Echo from Electro Harmonix."

Talk us through the influences behind this set.

"The Seal Pit at the Zoo is a one of a kind space. DJing there is so intense, you can see & often also feel every single person in there, it's next level intimacy - and that is actually the biggest influence for my sets there, to capture & multiply that unique energy."

In what setting would we be in to appreciate it most?

"Anywhere in need of a wild ride!"

The Plug

You're a major member of the Zoo family, responsible for the Zoo Project, amongst other things. What is it like working in this family?

"I think 'family' sums it up perfectly. In the first years we all did just about everything, quite literally from flyering all the car parks to jumping on stage during the event and dancing in a full-body bunny costume. We've grown as a party but we've always stayed true to that ethos. Zoo love must be true love..."

I think the Zoo as a venue has come a long way, especially in the last few years, to a point that it is one of the few parties people attend to check a specific line-up or artist out, but rather for the atmosphere and vibe to be found there. Would you agree? If so, why do you think that is?

"I still get Goosebumps in those moments (usually early in the season) when someone grooves across the dance floor and I can't tell if it's one of our new performers or a punter... Just crazy how much effort the people make to release their inner animal with us. The other day I saw a video of a group of friends getting ready for the Zoo at their villa, throwing shapes and getting into the character of their animal costumes. It's a whole other level of dedication to the party. Not only had they made costumes just to come to The Zoo Project but they'd gone to the effort of filming the whole ritual of getting ready."

""There's no Zoo without you" is really true, we try our best to lay the foundations, but it's the guests who make the real magic."

"When we found the venue, we weren't big corporate promoters with investors, sponsors & a huge portfolio of big name artists. Quite the opposite actually: my bosses were doing boat parties & after parties in San Antonio, I was DJing and helping where I could, a real family affair. We had a vision that the Zoo could be a very special place and we worked our asses off to make it happen and that's still the way it is to this day."

I often see you out back tinkering with the sound equipment to get it just right, what are the limitations of the venue with it being outdoor and located fairly close to a residential area? How have you combated these problems?

"It's my general hands on approach on things, if there is something that needs improving I try to get it done."

"I've not had any specific training on live audio engineering, but by now I doubt there are many people here in Ibiza that know more about cardioid bass cancelation and other tricks of the trade to get one over physics, fine tuning to get a big, powerful sound while, of course, keeping our neighbors as happy as possible."

To you as an artist then: how much time to you dedicate to producing and performing? Does your Ibiza lifestyle and work-life allow for much producing?

"It's a difficult one. I did my first season in Ibiza 2004 with the background of already being a quite successful DJ in Austria & the clear goal to develop this internationally. I was always interested in helping with the events I was DJing at, often quite organically just to try to help friends who were promoting the events."

"So when I started DJing at the boat parties that led to The Zoo Project I took my video cam on & cut a promo video for the party in the winter and the rest is history as they say. Zoo was big chance as a promoter, so Defex as an artist naturally took a back seat for years – now in wintertime I try to dedicate myself to producing and djing."

What plans do you have in the pipeline for new music?

"Last winter I focused on improving my studio room to get to a point where good engineering results are not so much a matter of trial & error... I'm happy with it now, so I can't wait for October to kick in and get the machines fired up again..."

Finally, imagine you have some time off on the island. Where would you go? what would you do?

"Funnily enough I'm not a big traveler but give me a gig and I will hitchhike to the north pole."

"I love Ibiza, I love Lower Bavaria where I was born & raised..."

"I feel very lucky to kinda live my summer holidays like I was still a kid: Going to raves, long sleeps, doing parties with my mates in strange places, DJing. The perfect holiday for me is actually being at home with friends and making music whether that's in sunny Ibiza or snowy Bavaria."

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