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Review: The Soundgarden at Eden, 20th July

Argentinian soundscapes alongside English house beats

Eden is definitely back. The San Antonio night spot keeps betting for quality music from different genres to complete its offer for the season and the last one to come on board is The Soundgarden, Nick Warren's session which kicked off its residency last week with a highly successful first night. So, as you can imagine, we couldn't be happier to drop onto Eden's dancefloor one more time and check the juicy line-up they had promised. You should know that I'd not been out for clubbing one week— in Ibiza it seems to be an eternity— so when my sneaker feather-touched Eden's floor, my feet started to move on their own. A big queue was waiting for me at the door, warning of the party which was going on inside. Oliverio, the half part of Soundexile was playing the first tunes of the night providing a high-quality warm-up which let the first guests show their dance moves from the very beginning.

Red flashing lights were beating to the music vigourously — in detail, to the Claude Monnet remix of Geil's Ambigue — exotic dancers on the platforms were causing mouths to drop open and a VIP area had been placed in direct view of the DJ booth. The club was transformed for the occasion and the quality visuals and motivated crowd created a stunning atmosphere inside the club. Oliverio continued with his music choices, totally catching the public which grew as the night advanced. I knew Soundexile by their productions with Cattaneo but I've never seen them DJing until last night and I have to say that it was a perfect first set, full of progressive sounds and on the right line of what the two big names were going to play next.

You can tell when Nick Warren is on the decks. It was few minutes before 1:30 and between applauses and elations, the English DJ jumped straight there to turn up the intensity. The electronic music giant welcomed all attendees to his party willing to celebrate the success Eden is enjoying on Monday nights. Progressive UK sounds started to emanate through the speakers, mixing percussion and soaring musicality which flooded the walls with good vibes and enthusiasm enough to make the floor shake. But he was not alone; soon Hernan Cattaneo joined him, back to back, hand in hand, one by one.

Do you know what the result is of mixing some Argentinian beats with a UK accent? Soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. Song by song these two house monsters fight on the decks during the whole night, distinguishing subtly between deep trance and progressive house. Vocals flooded the back-to-back set, a true feast for the ears via tracks like Ghost Of Time by SuperLounge, Roger Martinez's Downriver or Kidnap Kid's Freedom (what a tune… I danced as though there were no tomorrow). It is good to see two capos like them feeling that comfortable playing together and leaving a packed round dancefloor cheering and whistling all night long.

Eden continues rebuilding its castle, adding more parties to its calendar. We are sure that Monday nights will be making noise in San Antonio nightlife thanks to The Soundgarden session, which will bring the particular UK house beats by the hand of the veteran Nick Warren and his very special guests to the while isle.

WORDS | Natalia Gutiérrez PHOTOGRAPHY | Eden

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