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Top 10 releases: July 2015

Mmmmmmmm, new music. Eat up.

Leftfield 'Bilocation' (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) / Infectious Music / 24th July

Passionate, captivating vocals, slowed down drum'n'bass beat and a dark, wandering sub bass - Alan Fitzpatrick has brought out the best in Leftfield's new release and the result is all class. The remixer is on a roll this summer, with one release after the other climbing the charts. Meanwhile, everyone is just so tickled to have new Leftfield material; everybody wins on this tune!

Technasia and Green Velvet 'Suga' / Toolroom Records / 13th July

Put these two in a room together you were always going to get something cheeky. A perky, bouncing tech house bass line is lifted from mediocrity by a great country-funk guitar riff, and the combination is an absolute party. Green Velvet provides the croaking crooning vocals, demanding tasty treats like coffee, cake and 'a spoonful of lovin'.

DJ Pippi and JL 'Dangerous' / Music For Dreams / 18th July

Music For Dreams is always a good port of call for chilled grooves and eclectic tastes. Dreams mainstay DJ Pippi and label owner Kenneth Bager have been plugging this downtempo balearic beauty for months; finally it sees the light of day for purchase. RnB vocals with a grooving bass line, Dangerous is a great tune for ambling with intent.

Degrees of Freedom 'Children of the Sun' / Gutterfunk / 24th July

Nice bit of reggae-inspired dub from the Bristol based duo Degrees of Freedom, their first release on Gutterfunk. Positive vibes on this one, with vocalist Kyo pushing empathy and consciousness and producer Break providing a non-threatening, uber-chilled beat.

Dolman ft. Adele Emmas 'The Rainbow' (Hypersync remix) / Inflexion Point / 31st July

UK duo Dolman put out a brilliant album in June, but it's this remix of the subdued vocal moments of The Rainbow that has hooked me, made my Dolman's Bristol brethren, Hypersync. A jaunty bass line, Addam's Family-esque clicks and Adele Emmas' smooth and sliding vocals make for a powerful opening, which gradually builds momentum without over-doing it. Easy to lose yourself in this one.

XXXY 'Regrets' / Rinse Recordings / 20th July

Analogue percussion and chunky warm synth tones come together in this title track from XXXY's latest EP. Dark driving and powerful, imagine this one going off in the wee hours of a techno club session, the synth lined doubled up on the octave adding extra oomph to a uniform, but textually rich track.

Eric Prydz 'Opus' / Pryda Recordings / 27th July

Yes people, another Prydz tune. Because he's amazing. We had this song earmarked for top releases since the start of the month, and as of last night (Cream 21st birthday) I can confirm it is as exciting a build up as you expect it to be. The room went mental. You know how music journos are always hyperbolising about the crowd being 'whipped into a frenzy'? Well, sometimes it happens. Opus, you monster.

Blond:ish 'Endless Games' / Kompakt / 16th July

Hypnotic, dark, beautiful and mysterious, the dramatic synth drops and haunting vocals hint at the mystical and adventurous leanings of the producers, who take great care to express and reflect their outside surroundings from within the studio. In this case, Tulum, Mexico, provides the locational inspiration. Read our interview with the Blond:ish girls here.

The Analogue Cops / McGraw / Hypercolour / 17th July

The Analogue Cops are Italian producers Marieu and Lucretio, relocated to Berlin to get the most out of electronic music and its scene. This Chicago inspired house number is lively and dancefloor ready, the looped vocal keeping the energy up whilst old school drums crash about with zeal underneath.

B.J. Smith 'We Can Sail' / NuNorthernSoul / 20th July

Yet another beautiful contribution from B.J. Smith, released by promoters of the quiet scenes, the alternative sounds and magical musical moments, NuNorthernSoul. Quiet piano chords wash about beneath soft but bluesy male vocals. A calming ballad which, with the introduction of soft gospel 'mmms', is quite inspirational.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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