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Emika new music + interview

"For me, making, living and releasing music every day is a necessary thing to survive."

"The more I do music, the more I become music. It is not something I an turn off anymore, the music is here and its like 'Ema, Ema, Ema… Record me!' " – Emika on her new 12” release.

Berlin-based artist Emika has been hard at work, ever evolving and experimenting with her sound. After releasing her highly acclaimed album DREI just last May, she has already got the next 12” ready for release. A 6-track release featuring remixes by The Black Dog, CNCPT, The Exaltics, Kamikaze Space Programme, Borai and Eomac, taking the two tracks What's The Cure and Battles to the next level. Ibiza Spotlight had the privilege to ask her a few of our most burning questions – from her drive and inspirations to working together with Borai, read on and find out more about one of the most prolific Berlin producers.

Do you ever find it hard to listen to someone remixing your work after you have been working on it for such a long time?

"It's so exciting to pass your music onto someone else whose music you love so much, and wait and see what happens."

You teamed up with Borai yourself for one of the remixes of What's The Cure, how do you start on such a creative process?

"I called him up, booked a flight, tidied up my studio, we chatted shit for hours and then decided to get jamming. We're old friends from Bristol, so it's just about chilling and having fun and making a beat that makes us feel like we're on fire."

The CNCPT remix of What´s The Cure has left it a heavy techno laden track removing your vocals entirely and changing the tone. Can you still appreciate this track as yours?

"This track is totally transformed into a CNCPT production - that's wicked. It's boring when someone swaps my beat for another beat and sends it back. He has this mad deep vision, I played one of his records in my DJ sets and it always transformed everything in that moment, such a strong sound, pow. I just had to ask him for a mix."

It´s always nerve-wracking to release your art into the world - are you happy with how the album DREI has been received, and what have been the most outspoken reactions about it so far?

"For me, making music everyday, living music and releasing it, is a necessary thing to survive. I have to live this; my desire and will do to this is mega strong. This power does come back to me, in different ways, but it is not something I divide into good and bad or happy and sad. It is a complex and deeply personal thing for me and my listeners."

You've been a very prolific producer over the last few years – has there been a catalyst for this drive and inspiration?

"Fear, terror, other people letting me down, disappointments, broken hearts, making mistakes, addiction to work, addiction to fighting for my independence... But the biggest drive, is the constant music that plays so loud in my imagination the whole time. In my dreams, while I am writing this... Sometimes it is so loud I worry that people can hear it when I stand in a queue at the supermarket. I think, the more I do music, the more I become music, the more twisted and scary this skill can become. It's hard to handle most days and if it doesn't come out and get recorded, I will go mad. It is not something I can turn off anymore. Most of the time I am so tired, there is no drive there, but the music is there and its like, 'Ema Ema Ema... record me!' "

Is it important to you to keep experimenting and evolving your sound?

"For sure."

Do you see the fertile creative environment that Berlin has provided as sustainable?

"More people here should learn German. Give something back, not just take take, party party."

Listen to and purchase the full remix EP here.

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WORDS | Maya Dupont

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